The top 15 Tangerine State Plunge Bars

The top 15 Tangerine State Plunge Bars

For the past couple of months, we have dropped on the littlest, darkest corners away from local nightlife to take you a summary of a knowledgeable dive bars OC offers. They has never been quite. However, our search introduced united states in touch with enough intense beverages, salty drunks and you will crazy tales. Whether you are seeking the morale of society version out-of Many thanks or you happen to be checking to own a place to rating shitfaced within the Santa Ana, there is something for everyone into the our very own set of the latest the top fifteen Orange State Plunge Taverns!

Turk’s Club (Dana Part)

15. Blackie’s from the Water (Newport Seashore) Noted for their prime location across the street from Newport Pier, (a surf spot is named after the bar), this dive’s local claim to fame is serving the coldest beer on tap in Newport, with prices ranging between $3 and $7. This feature isn’t the only thing that makes their merhead Shark along with old license plates, 15 flat screen televisions and even an old PGA golf bag with clubs intact decorate the walls. This bar’s small but mighty character shows that, yes, even in Newport, you can get shit-faced for a decent price. Ladies Beware: Salty old men and longboarders.

No really, they have a fever determine that hangs over the door and you may it usually teeters anywhere between 27 and you can twenty eight degrees

fourteen. Walking around Dana Point Harbor, you might blink and miss the tiny crevice that is Turk’s. During the day, this small bar serves up pub-style food and showcases a plethora of cheap drinks and beer. It’s surrounded by the obvious nautical themed decor. Marines, fisherman, and dirty sailors tend to gravitate to this hole-in-the-wall after a long day out at sea while a steady crop of South County hipsters practice standing around in dark glasses and skinny jeans looking salted and weathered like the rest of them. Ladies Beware: Salty seamen with no concept of personal space.

13. Goat Hill Tavern (Costa Mesa) Located across the street from the ever-trendy (and under construction) Triangle Square inCosta Mesa, your feet will crunch beneath the carpet of peanut shells the minute you walk into the Goat Hill Tavern. A typical stop on the list for the younger dive bar crowd, this dive seems to be as trendy Benaughty dating as the lights are bright. Drinks range in the $3 to $7 range and most people have smiles on their faces as they sway and crunch their way to the bar to order, well most likely, a beer. Noted for having 140 beers on tap, this place blasts The Cure and other Euro classics over their jukebox relentlessly. Ladies Beware: Apparently, this is the stop for the Hash runner crowd. Male participants will try to convince you it’s a good idea to run from bar to bar in flip flops after downing pitchers of beer. Do it.

twelve.The fresh Salty Dawg (Orange) A glorified man cave that occasionally lets the cool women into the club. The small joint features nine flat screens all showcasing much-needed testosterone activities like sports and MMA, the cook can bust out a mean burger and beer and the girls, well, the girls can just stand there and look pretty …wearing next to nothing. It is a bikini bar, so unless you are planning on an evening loosely based around “The Graduate” date scene, don’t bring your lady. Although there is no live music here, the food and booze have a right to claim this hole in the wall as a mini-Cheers. Everyone did know my name by the time I left and there wasn’t a bad vibe about the place, despite the fact it’s behind warehouses and seedy-looking auto shops. Give it a shot! Ladies Beware: If you bring your man, cute bartenders…wearing almost nothing.


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